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TESOL-SPAIN 36th Annual Convention

"Teaching with Technology and the Human Touch",

Friday, March 8th – Sunday, March 10th,  2013.

Convention 2013

Online Presentation Proposal Form for submissions 

Nos informan nuestros compañeros de TESOL-SPAIN acerca de su congreso anual 2013 "Teaching with Technology and the Human Touch" que se celebrará, muy cerca de nosotros, en la Universidad de Sevilla los días 8, 9 y 10 de marzo. Os invitamos a asistir y como no a participar. En el enlace superior podeis presentar vuestras propuestas, recordad que tenemos como "deadline" el 31 de octubre. Aquí os dejo toda la información del evento que nos envían nuestras compañeras de TESOL-SPAIN.
"This year’s theme, Teaching with Technology & the Human Touch, aims to embrace ideas on teaching and learning with new technologies inside and outside the English classroom without neglecting the emphasis on the human side of teaching and learning a language.  As teachers, many of us digital immigrants, we are faced with teaching English to digital natives and ‘screenagers’.  So, although this is a challenge in itself, it is vital not to lose sight of our real objective: TEACHING ENGLISH, albeit with technology.
We welcome presentations which demonstrate ideas and share experiences of working with new technologies in the ELT classroom, as well as those which are of wide general interest for language teachers working in different sectors and students of all ages.

The convention offers participants a wide range of presentations by national and international speakers including plenary and keynote presentations, papers, workshops, round tables, and product presentations. It is attended by a wide variety of EFL professionals. There are teachers from infant, primary and secondary schools, from EOIs, universities, technical schools and academies, as well as teacher trainers, materials writers, and course planners. Publishers, ELT researchers, members of testing boards, national and international authors also take part in the convention.
We would also like to remind you that contributions to our Newsletter, now an e-Newsletter, are always welcome.  More information on our website
Best wishes,
Kate Marriage & Catt Boardman"

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